Widows and Orphans Development Foundation

Orphans with special needs

Widows taking care of vulnerable orphaned grandchildren

There are many widows who are caregivers of orphaned and vulnerable grandchildren (orphans with special needs). This widow (pictured) is a guardian of her grandchildren whose father died and their mother is unable to take care of them.

Widows in such a situation need support in various forms which include equipping them with skills that will help them undertake income-generating activities, and providing direct support such as food, clothes and health care (health insurance) for them and their grandchildren.

For this particular widow who is taking care of a grandchild with albinism, special health care support is needed such as sunscreen jelly/lotion, sunglasses and other gears which help to prevent skin cancer for people with albinism. Skin cancer affects many albinos in tropical countries as a result of extreme sunburn.

Taking care of a disabled double orphan

This woman represents many others who are caretakers of double orphans. For this woman, her grandchild has lost both parents.

More challenging is that this orphan is physically and mentally handicapped. She has therefore become a full-time caregiver of her grandchild thus limiting her time to undertake a full-time income-generating activity since she spends most of the time looking after this orphaned disabled child.

Such a caregiver needs support in many ways, skills building support for herself as well as direct support for her orphaned grandchild such as food, clothes and medical care.

The child is also in need of a wheelchair to facilitate his movement